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Certification and Testing

Tinius Olsen™ (Electro-mechanical Testing Machine)

Tension and Compression with a capacity of 300,000N Adaptive hardware available for a variety of separate tests. Lloyds TM (Electro-mechanical digital Testing Machine). Tension and Compression with a capacity of 30,000N Adaptive hardware available for a variety of tests.

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Tension Test Machine

Tension test system consisting of hydraulically-operated grips designed to test large, in-grade specimens in tension.

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Post Flexure™ (Electro-mechanical Testing machine)

"Pure" Bending Machine for testing of large test panels. Unique design allows friction free bending under load.

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Concentrated Load™ (Hydraulic-mechanical Testing machine)

Testing for performance evaluation of panels for floors and roofs over a preset span.

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UDL™ (Vacuum pump & chamber)

The Uniform Distributed Load TM allows large panels to be tested under a vacuum load, for use in concrete forms etc. with a variable span width capability.

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Other Test Equipment

Wall Racking™ (Hydraulic-mechanical Testing machine)

8 ft Wall sections with applied sheathing panels are evaluated for racking strength. Uplift and buckling forces are minimal.

Rain Chamber

Panels are placed in a 30 degree angle and sprayed with water to one side only. Water temperature varies between 60 and 65 degree F.

Humidity Conditioning Chamber

2100 cu ft chamber of precise humidity control.